Doyle Gustus

Chairman & President

Doyle Gustus has over 40 years of experience in the investment business and has held upper management positions with national and regional brokerage firms. Prior to Cornerstone Select Advisors, LLC., he was President of Wyoming Financial Securities, Inc. and WERCS Asset Management. His most notable work was assisting the Templeton Family. Mr. Gustus has a depth of experience and knowledge that is unique in the asset management industry. He has spent considerable time working with value-based metrics to help managers and corporate executives define and develop valuation tools that assist and define profitability measures. In addition, he serves as a board member to several corporate and tax exempt organizations. Mr. Gustus is a graduate of Central Methodist University with a degree in Economics.

Gery J. Sadzewicz

Director of Compliance

Gery J. Sadzewicz is a highly skilled securities compliance and business professional with 30 years of experience in identifying compliance, financial and regulatory risks at firms such as Oppenheimer & Co., Inc., Ernst & Young Investment Advisers LLP, Ernst & Young Corporate Finance LLC (U.S. and Canadian broker-dealers), Giuliani Capital Advisors LLC, Koch Industries, Walt Disney, and a variety of other firms. Gery has a wealth of practical knowledge involving securities and investment advisory issues through hands-on experience in creating broker-dealer and investment advisors. He is an experienced consultant who understands that management’s time is best devoted to driving their business growth and profitability. Gery maintains a keen awareness of compliance, business, financial, operations and technology issues confronting investment advisory and securities firms. 

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