Our Approach

Strategic Goal setting and Monitoring

Cornerstone utilizes analytical, risk adjusted valuation tools to tailor the right mix of investment choices for you. We bring decades of experience and expertise to the process of managing your holdings so you can remain comfortable and enjoy life, secure in the knowledge that the financial plan is operating efficiently.

  • Understand. We begin the process of building a close partnership by getting to know you. We explore your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and income requirements.
  • Design. Based on this understanding, we create a customized portfolio for you, using the best investment strategy that fits your defined goals. The resulting portfolio consists of individual stocks and bonds that meet the designed investment objective.
  • Monitor. Using benchmarking techniques, we will monitor your portfolio and make sure it is producing the returns and income that you require.
  • Adjust. When required by changing market conditions and changes in your life situation, we will regularly review your portfolio to ensure that it continues to conform to your plan design.
  • Interact. We will keep you informed of your financial results and will make sure that you understand changes and how they impact your goal and plan

This strategic process is designed to place you on a successful course toward financial security. The five steps are carefully calibrated to foster a true partnership bolstered by exceptional service, mutual trust, and absolute transparency. Steps that will enable you to maintain the confidence you need during uncertain times when discipline is required.