Cornerstone may only transact business with MO, IL, NY & TX residents or residents of other states where otherwise legally permitted, subject to exemption or exclusion from registration requirements. 

Our Service

Why we are different:

Cornerstone specializes in portfolio management and analysis. Our relationship depends on our ability to analyze, communicate and monitor your investment results to your objective.

We have designed the analytical process to be strongly “client-centric,” that is, focused on your goals, not ours. Our fee-based compensation is based on how well your portfolio performs, which aligns our incentives with your interests in protecting your assets and growing your investments through a consistent and disciplined process.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are obligated to act within your investment objective at all times. The process is designed to:

  • Build a portfolio and investment strategy that will work for you
  • Cut your expenses wherever possible
  • Minimize your tax exposure
  • Limit your exposure to market risk when required
  • Remain flexible in response to changes in the economy and in your objectives
  • Stay in close contact with you

Cornerstone does not custody your assets and only has portfolio access through a written agreement with you, the client. Your assets are always held under a third party custody arrangement and directly accessible by you, the client.